In this context, the CEA – Concilio Europeo dell’Arte presents the project “BorgoAlive!” , which projecting into the future collects and shows the public what may be the most accredited best practices to activate the concept of a “sustainable revitalization” and keeping safe the borgo. These concepts are represented throughout photos, videos, explaining panels and the site – specific artwork of Marco Guglielmi.

Borghi of Italy – #NO(F)EARTHQUAKE is for the Concilio Europeo dell’Arte an opportunity to bring the attention back to the thorny and still marginal theme of prevention and anti – seismic security of the Italian villages.

This vulnerability is caused by the marginalization that has affected these territories since World War II, and has brought them to a fast and progressive depopulation, a decrease of employment and a degradation of the cultural and monumental patrimony. To make the situation worse, the reiteration of public and private interventions in the exploitation of the environment (structures for the production of sustainable energy, mines and dumps) deprives the villages of their most precious resource: the landscape.

The risk is the loss of a valuable historical and cultural heritage, and of immense economic, social and most of all environmental resources, containing a historical memory linked to the Italian habit of
“fare”, meaning “to do” and not forget the sense of the community.

In this context, the project “BorgoAlive!” promoted by CEA – Concilio Europeo dell’Arte has
been set up, projecting into the future, collects and
shows the public the idea of restarting from this actual risk, and transforming it into a positive resource for the development and tangible growth of our country.

The Italian Borghi are a “source of resilience”: they take care of their inhabitants and they are trying to increase
the sense of belonging to a community and the ability of using their different resources and managing the relationship between the “borgo” and its surrounding. These strategies aim to increase the resilience of
these territories, triggering dynamic and durable relational and productive processes in order to avoid the depopulation. “Resilience” is: flexibility, adaptivity and participation in order to build a real and concrete collective identity.

The project of CEA, proposed here for the reactivation of the villages, starts from the belief that the village must implement a series of good practices (Best Practices) to be configured as competitive, attractive and of quality, starting from the restoration of a symbol of the village. It is an occasion to value the artistic and cultural resources, to raise the opportunities for social and economic growth and the development of tourism of local communities and the repopulation of Italian villages.

© Elena Antonutti Graphic Designer




The original project BorgoAlive! proposes, starting from the collateral event “BORGHI of ITALY – #NO(F)EARTHQUAKE”, to organize the assignment of a certificate of guarantee that assumes Certificate is a certificate of guarantee that assumes a different colour (yellow, orange or red) depending on the Energy (+) level achieved through the activation of the Best Practices.

This certificate will be assigned to the “good resilient borgo” that applies these management and governance practices. The Commission of experts established by the Concilio Europeo dell’Arte will assign the certification.